eine online Ausstellung anstatt Luxemburg

Vom 7. bis zum 10. Mai 2020 hätte das „Luxembourg Street Photography Festival“ in Luxemburg stattgefunden. Ein jährliches Streetfotografie Event, organisiert vom Street Photography Luxembourg Collective. Wir wurden als Kollektiv eingeladen und es wäre uns eine Ehre gewesen, hätten wir auf diesem wichtigen Event ...

Mind The Gap

how filmphotography saved my life

Preface These words are about a collapse, a personal experience and one point of view on how to solve a life-related problem with photography. This article does not claim to be correct or complete. Of course, there are many other options than film photography. But in my very honest opinion nothing else is more real, ...

This is not a shoe. It’s a mania.

Introduction I am quite sure most of you experienced a situation, where you haven’t been really inspired by anything, when going out for a shooting without „a plan“. I had conversations about that with other street photographers during our recent photo walk in Frankfurt, in December 2018. Having a plan for ...

Sun light at the evening by Lukas Merz

6,2 Ways to work with light

„My pic of this hot women in red looks like shit“ said Heinz-Günther and stopped street photography. Don’t be like Heinz-Günther. Keep in mind that we paint with light. So remember the different aspects of light sources. I’ll show you some ways to work with light and improve your skills