Frankfurt Street Walk End 2017


The Collateral Eyes Collective currently consists of seven active photographers from Frankfurt and surrounding areas. From Sport, over Wedding to beauty photography – all genres are represented. One thing they have in common – it’s all about the love for street photography.
It all started with a street photography workshop in Frankfurt/Germany in fall 2015. Frank  wanted to keep up the forward momentum from the workshop and decided to organize regular photo walks. After only a hand full of people showed up at the very first photo walks, the number of participants grew really fast. Since the very beginning, all kinds of guests joined photo walks in the big city at the Main river to shoot street photography and gossip with other like minded photographers. Thomas LeuthardValérie Jardin or Thomas Ludwig were very welcomed in so called „Mainhattan„.

For a while, the scene remained static, so six people decided to give street photography in Frankfurt a new pulse. From then on, they had a broader look over the plate and joined different walks in all kinds of cities. Berlin, Amsterdam, Krakow, Munich, Paris, you name it. Their main goal is to provide motivated and talented street photographers with a platform to present their work. Members of the collective can show their stunning street photographs and share their experiences gained on the streets of the world.  This results in a stunning portfolio of the guys and gals you can see here.

So they’re at least once a month out on the streets to catch exciting moments in fascinating pictures. Not only in Frankfurt. Meet them at various exhibitions, fairs and events to the broad topic street photography. Or simply join the next street photo walk and have a chat. They’re nice.