Andrea Diener

Andrea earns her money writing texts and spends her free time taking pictures. She travels a lot, mostly work-related, and always tries to make some room for strolling aimlessly with her camera. Loves colour, chases light, slightly obsessed with compositions.

Achim Katzberg

Achim is specialized in street and documentary photography as well as weddings, events and architecture. Achim’s street photography reflects his great love for people and life in general, as well as his fascination for archi­tecture. He loves to show people in the urban environment in strong compositions.

Ivan Slunjski

Ivan works long enough in the IT industry to know that Networking is rubbish; you have to have friends instead! But essentially he is a problemsolver, father, husband, friend, imperfect but lucky and childish enough to see Life how it is in reality: You have to do the best with what God gave you! Fun facts about him? No fun at all, he’s German in general.

Lukas Merz

Lukas Merz, Member of Collateral EyesLukas studied classical „Something with Media” and has the utopian idealistic dream to change the world with pictures. When he’s not designing crazy enterprise IT Infrastructure, he teaches people how to dive and deletes cat content on the internet. Besides that, he likes good food, is interested in politics and hiking.

Fonzius Maximus

Fonzius is also an “IT guy,” but when not working, he loves to travel and experience life from the perspective of a local. He speaks Spanish and Portuguese fairly fluently, and is working on graduating from the level of “dangerous to himself” in German. He is a recent convert to “film fanboy” status, and prefers to memorize long charts of hyperfocal distances instead of autofocus.

Tobias Löhr

World traveler, Daydreamer, open minded, full of love for the beauty of our world, Searcher for friends in every part of the world, friendly, curious, helpful, creative….and a photographer.