Lukas Merz



Lukas Merz at work

Photography is pure passion for Lukas. It’s like capturing a scene, frozen in time. A canned emotional moment, kept by a person. He sees himself not as an artist, rather than designer. Design follows a scheme with an aim, where art does not necessarily. So he actively composes the picture of the moment instead of hoping for a good moment.

Back in the old days, Lukas studied Media- and Computer Science with a focus on Movie- and Post-Production. His experience as Motion Artist appear from time to time in his work. Structured and geometrical elements combined with an emotional relationship between the protagonists.

Somehow, („can you fix my Computer“) he ended up in IT and repairs the family’s computer every year on Christmas.

Besides street, he shoots underwater, sports, fashion and food.

Style, Skills & Gear

  • High depth of field
  • Motives are related to the topics #Relationships, #Tolerance and #StrongCharacters
  • Discreet Eyecatcher
  • Pictures create links to well known movies
  • Uses the bold cam approach, 5D Mark III with 50mm f1.4

Fun Fact

Lukas is a certified Dive Master with a passion for underwater shots. You can see his other work here.