Frank Meffert



Frank (aka. Frankyboy) initiated the Collateral Eyes Collective in January 2017. Starting in early 2015, Frank organized regular street photography photo walks in Frankfurt/Germany. After his appearance in a podcast episode at, more and more people joined the group. Very soon, a group of six highly motivated people emerged and Frank decided to bring them all together to forge this amazing collective.

Frank is a full-time software engineer pleasing his creative hemisphere with photography. He sees beauty in abandoned and lonely urban sceneries. Loves the thrill of getting a good shot. Has a passion for the underground and is easily overwhelmed by any subway station on the planet!

Style, Skills & Gear

  • Candid Street Photography
  • Prefers strong contrasts and B&W
  • Our “Fuji guy” using an X100F and an X-T2
  • Has some actual darkroom experience

Fun Fact

Frank once took a “through the window” shot of a young woman. What he didn’t see is that her boyfriend was sitting right next to her. This guy, twice as tall as Frank and tattooed from top to bottom, ran out of the café and approached Frank. Frank, shivering, said: “Oh man, I’m so sorry, I’ll delete everything!”. The guy answered: “No, why? Don’t delete it! I just wanna know, what you’re doing”.


Ok, but first coffee
Frankfurt /// Germany /// 2016
Mind the Gap!
Hamburg /// Germany /// 2017
What time is it?
Paris /// France /// 2017
Frankfurt /// Germany /// 2017
Frankfurt /// Germany /// 2017
School Sucks
Havanna /// Cuba /// 2017
I deleted the Internet!
Frankfurt /// Germany /// 2017
Frankfurt /// Germany /// 2017
Very Fast
Sarajevo /// Bosnia /// 2015
Take a moment
Paris /// France /// 2017
Frankfurt /// Germany /// 2016
The Game
Mysterious Backalley
Belgrade /// Serbia /// 2016
After Hours
Paris /// France /// 2017